Encore Windows.

  • Designed and manufactured to taste

  • Built to go the distance 10 year guarantee

  • Customizable to any desire

  • Industry leading on energy saving

Warmth, safety and solace guaranteed.

With Encore Home Improvements we say with the upmost confidence that you'll adore your windows so much you will want us to fill the rest of your house with them. But before we get ahead of ourselves why not browse our incredible range of windows?

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The Encore Variety

Our incredible window selection is simple; whatever you desire.

Double glazed casement windows are the most popular choice for English homes. But we understand that no two homes are the same, so whether it's flush, sash, hardwood, alliminum or tilt and turn, we have you covered.

The Encore Perks

Consumers pay extortionate prices to receive glazing that is A rated, secure, noise cancelling and heat positive. We built this company to give the very same consumers glazing that is A+ rated, ultra secure, void of noise and a unit that creates more energy than it releases at none extortionate prices.

In a nutshell get the quality and workmanship of a glazing giant with the compassion of a local company. 

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All you need to know about the Encore product.

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Personalised colour is a great way to put your own stamp on your home. So we don't hold back in giving you complete control when it comes to this decision, no, really. We have over 1500 colours to choose from (don't worry you can still have white).

For everything you need to know about how our windows are made scroll down.


Having a great looking window is a good start, but that's all it is, a start. If you want to past the test of time as well as the test of aesthetics you need to make sure the best materials available are used. Click here to see what makes our windows durable, effective and beautiful.  


We know everyone wants to feel safe in there own home so our windows come with the most premium locks on the market perfect for keeping you and your family safe.


All of our windows are completely customizable from the type and the colour of handles right up to decorative glass and window tints.


We only use the latest in glass technology from the biggest household name; Pilkington all of our windows are jam packed with smart mechanics to ensure the very best in heat retention.

A cutting edge window deserves

cutting edge technology.


A window consists of the outer frame and the sealed unit. The frames job is to keep the unit in place and look pretty for as long as possible. The sealed unit is where most of the money saving magic happens it consists, of four main components:

Spacer bar

More than likely if you look at the bar connecting your two panes of glass it will be a chrome aluminium strip which is known as a spacer bar. The  downside of this is that aluminium is a metal and metal is fantastic at conducting heat meaning that the heat from your house can easily pass through and the cold from the outside can find its way in just as easily. As standard Encore provide a black super spacer bar which is the number 1 spacer bar on the planet, its comprised of composite plastic (which is an awful conductor of heat) meaning that the bridge between your warm home and the cold outside is closed off. To be more specific its over 1000% more effective.

Sealed units come in different thicknesses dependent on which company you buy them from the optimal depth for a sealed unit is 28mm. 4mm for each pane of glass and 20mm for the air gap (which is proven to be the most effective air gap for thermal efficiency and noise reduction). Though this is common knowledge some companies manufacture and fit units as thin as 8mm. More important than the size of the air gap is what its filled with. Inside all of our panes is 100% argon gas, if your not familiar with this, in a nutshell its a low reactive inert gas which acts as a thermal blanket around your house as the market stands this is a good as it comes.

Gas filling

Internal Pane

Our panes of glass aren't just 'panes of glass'. Each is specially picked for unparalleled results. On the internal pane we use the latest high performance low-E coated masterpiece from Pilkington. Not only does this pane save you endless pounds on energy bills, save the environment from CO2 emissions and save your house from drafts, it does it all without any detriment to the visibility. Its a win win! win. and another win. The key piece of technology is an invisible film that lays on the inner pane it makes the window act like a one way street by allowing light and heat through the window but is deflected when trying to escape.

External pane

The outer pane is known as a Pilkington Optiwhite. It has a plethora of benefits including outstanding light transmission for remarkable visual clarity and purity of colour. This is down to the minimum colour cast in the glass insuring a truer representation of the designers vision. As well as this the glass allows massive heat transmittance meaning more solar gain and less money wasted. When coupled with Pilkington KS glass, an argon glass filling and a composite spacer bar you have an A+ rated window with the same energy rating as glazing giants charging extortionate rates.

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