Roofing Works

Roofing comes in many forms; tiled, flat roofing, lead work, cement work, industrial and so on an so forth. Make sure you're getting the right professional for your upcoming project and call encore for a free estimation and advice.



Fascias and soffits are usually replaced along side guttering to save two expenses. Depending on the condition of the timber we can offer an over-cap or a complete re fit. 

An over-cap can only be applicable if the wooden fascia is strong enough to hold the new PVC fascia and guttering indefinitely and is more cost effective. The alternative approach is to completely remove both the PVC and timber (if the property has both) and start from scratch. 

We always use high grade materials to ensure you will only be doing the job once - as it should be.

Old gutter systems can be  temperamental due to harsh weathering. Moss and debris can block your guttering and downpipes causing overspills or leaks, extreme sun light can fade the colour, hot and cold succession can result in your rubber seals in shrinking and causing leaks etc. Encore will cost-effectively  supply and fit a complete new gutter system with virgin grade, high quality PVC. Stop looking up for the wrong reasons and give your house quality glow up. 



When any of our clients choose a new roof through us, we think its only fair we make sure they never have to look up again. Thats why with every new roof we always replace all lead work, all broken tiles and do a gutter cleanse completely free of charge alongside bird and pest deterrent eave trays as we think a new roof should be just that. We only use industry leading breathable felt membrane which both insulates and airs your roof and is as durable as it is effective. Your new roof will either be complimented with the new dry verge and ridge system or the more traditional cement finish dependent on suitability and preference. 

If you're looking for a new tile strip and retile please get in touch for free tile samples delivered in 24 hours!



 Encore flat roof's are built to go the distance. But don't take our word for it. Every single one of our flat roof projects comes equipped with a 20 year fully inclusive guarantee and over  a 50 year life expectancy too! By using modern and robust materials we can ensure all of our jobs are finished perfectly and look fantastic. Our thick industry-grade rubber leaves you with no joins in your flatroof and our certified Firestone glues keep the weather from pulling the rubber away. We finish all of our jobs with modern black slimline trims and matching fixings so wether you're looking at replacing a garage roof or an extension roof you can be looking at a sleek and stylish finish.


Ridges and verges have two mainstream finishes; dry and wet. A wet finish is the more traditional and dated cement fix, preferred on small tile roofs and old / reclaimed tile roofs. A wet system leaves a stunning smooth cement finish and can last over 20 years.

The world has been moving to the preferred dry system over the last 5 years which boasts several benefits, the headline being no maintenance and an over double sometimes tripled life expectancy. This system takes advantage of screws and fixings into timber to secure themselves, removing any risks of cement wearing and falling out / off the roof. 




Say goodbye to flimsy chicken wire and zip ties, say good bye to pointless pennies spent but more importantly - say goodbye to your bird problem, for good. We use extremely rigid stainless steel and our unique solar clips which hook underneath and tighten from the outside. We cut the metal to your tile specification and leave around 15mm of sharp edge near the bottom to stop any smaller pests trying to nest in your roof and damage your panels.